Meet The Piercers

      Nicholle always had a passion for art and self expression, but it wasn't until she was 16 when she got her nose pierced that her passion ignited towards the art of Body Modification . Once Nicholle turned 18, she got her body piercing apprenticeship at a local shop near her home town in KC. She worked 3 jobs in order to support her dream of being a Body Modification Artist. After turning 22, she decided to relocate to a different tattoo shop to continue to grow as an artist, as her last shop did not want to grow in the "always growing" industry. She sought out and began shadowing a few veteran artists in the industry as well that helped her build her knowledge on body piercing, APP jewelry standards and anatomy to where it is today.

      Two years later, she decided to take a break from the industry in order to find the perfect studio that supported her high standards, since most of the shops in her area were old school and did not respect the growing business and standards of body piercing. However, in April of 2017, Nicholle met Russell James. He was opening up the first luxury tattoo/piercing studio in Kansas City called Black Card Tattoo Collective. Russell wanted only the best for his business and brought her on to the team, where she remains today as the sole piercer in the Zona Rosa location in Kansas City, MO.

      Using only the highest quality, APP Standard body jewelry for her clients, she strives to give every client the best possible experience from the moment you walk into the studio. She is also the only studio in the greater Kansas City area that carries Body Vision Los Angeles.
Nicholle loves to do any piercing brought her way (above the belt) but she specializes in custom ear curation/ear projects. If you are unsure what piercing fits your anatomy best, Nicholle will show you!

       Now with over 9 years of experience in this industry, Nicholle created her brand Pixel Piercing to showcase her love for both Body Piercings, as well as her other love and passion; video games.

Nicholle, Owner- Head Piercer

Morgan, Junior Piercer

     Since childhood, Morgan's imaginative mind and free spirit have demanded freedom of self expression for herself and those around her. Her parents supported this part of her, allowing her to start dyeing her hair in elementary school, all the way to getting her first tattoo, stretching her lobes and piercing her navel and nose while living in Colorado the moment she was of legal age there: 16. Morgan personally discovered that adorning and adding art to her body, helped her to cherish it, feel empowered in it, and even process certain traumas. Morgan's desire to feel authentic and comfortable within herself, extended out to others as well, though.

      Helping other people feel confident, safe, empowered and accepted has since been a goal of Morgan's, and this desire to find her role within the larger context began when she attended the Kansas City Art Institute. In 2016, at 19 years old, Morgan packed up and left her parents' home in Virginia to move to her father’s hometown and attend the Kansas City Art Institute. In 2017, while living in North Kansas City, Morgan worked as a barista, during that time she began friendship with a regular customer and awesome (now licensed) apprentice, Nick... that would lead to a lot of hanging out at Black Card Tattoo Collective, which then lead to one of the most accepting friendships with an amazing woman and talented piercer named Nicholle, and practically a three year-long conversation about an apprenticeship after graduating from the Art Institute. In May 2020, Morgan did, indeed, graduate from the Kansas City Art Institute with a concentration in fiber, finished a hand-drawn tarot deck, and that same month, she started her apprenticeship with Nicholle.

      The human body has become her canvas AND a way to meet and assist amazing and inspiring people in feeling authentic and empowered in their minds and bodies! She's currently working hard and learning under Nicholle at Black Card Tattoo Collective in Zona Rosa, and doing select piercings under supervision as she works her way to becoming a safe, consistent, educated and professional body piercer! Stay tuned!