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Pricing is set up as Piercing Fee + Cost of Jewelry.

The piercing fee for a single piercing is $35. For multiple piercings, the fee starts at $55.

This does NOT include the cost of jewelry. Jewelry is a seperate cost.

Jewelry is priced PER PIECE and not sold as a set. 

Please note, we do not allow outside jewelry for our piercings. You must purchase the jewelry from our studio. 

We have a wide selection of solid gold (14kt/18kt) body jewelry as well as Implant Grade Titanium to pick from with all genuine or lab created stones.


You can view some of the options in the Shop tab!

                                                       Starting prices:

-Implant titanium ends start at $35+ per piece (before post and tax)

-14kt/18kt gold ends start at $70+ per piece (before post and tax)

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